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111 Mini Qee
…Ho ho ho!

Big applause to all subscribers. We wanted to thank you for all of this years entries!
Check 'THE WINNER' for this year's champion!

Every year a new contest and we are glad to present Toy2r as our partner for the BuneeQ-contest.

The design of the winner will be produced and the winner will get 10% of all figures that will be produced. (max. 50 copies)


In parallel in addition we work on an exhibition row with some international artists.
These artists were creating a 9 inch BuneeQ.
The pictures, places of issue and appointments will follow. Stay tuned!

So, do not long dither and order a BuneeQ (5 inch), paint it and forward us a nice photo until march 31, 2012.

(You can keep your BuneeQ of course!)

Besides, this is possibly a chance to put one of the easiest ways around a foot in the world of the Toy design like it already to participants of former competitions has succeeded.



Good luck!

Important contest notice:
Only produceable designs have the chance to win. Please have a look at the Toy2r Qees that were already produced.
Too thin lines and patterns can become problematic. Adding some elements to the dummy is of course great for photos and exhibitions, however, they can not be produced in a row. Be aware of that!

Note for the winner's design: Because it depends on if the design is workable or not, (i.e. too complicated with details). We may need to modify it a bit for production purpose.

Toy2r determines the winner, the legal process is impossibly:only figures bought by us are entitled participat ion!!